Hello world!

I’m here to write about my life as a young life coach and dreamer.  During the process I hope to improve my writing skills and provide entertainment, insight and fun to those who follow and read.

Today I’m reading a coaching book about evoking excellence in others and it’s a little more advanced than what I’ve read so far.  I’m learning a lot about language and the impact and importance of language and speaking.

So I spent the day reading in bed and one thing that came to my mind was the immediate concerns that we all have that keep us from being present in our lives.  How often are we talking to a friend or in a meeting and we’re thinking about the laundry, or that event happening after work?

I found myself re-reading pages from the book as my mind went on adventures into tomorrow’s client meeting and that practice my coach had assigned me last week.

The importance of clearing your mind and being present really struck me today as I was reading.  It was increasing the amount of time it took me to read my book and when I think of it, it prevents us from engaging with life.

I am thankful for my clearing exercise and am looking forward to sharing this insight with my clients!


About amyhurstcoaching

I am a Life Coach building my practice primarily out of Bellingham Washington. I coach by phone and currently have clientele in other parts of the world as well. I am committed to the success of my life and also for my clients. I am excited to be in the career I am in and to be meeting the people I am and experiencing what I have been experiencing. I am fairly young to be a successful life coach, at the age of 23 I have yet to meet another coach my age. I am happily married. I have a loving dog, cat and family. I am Canadian born and now in the process of getting citizenship with the USA as me and my husband Chris met online. I love coaching, acting, reading, video games. hiking, kayaking, fishing, volunteering, leading and public speaking. I love a lot more and I discover more about myself every day. I am passionate about people bankrupting the idea of settling for less. For less of a life, less of a job, less of a relationship and less of a relationship with self. My passion lies with empowering people to love themselves and everything about their life and to be powerful creators on our planet. My purpose in life is to create unity in the people of the planet and peace and my vehicle for that is coaching and my own two hands. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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